The tournament is being held in Omiš, lovely city on beautiful Adriatic coast in the middle of Dalmatia.


Tournament will be played in two brand-new sports halls in Omiš.


Each team shall have available two different sets of clothing in different colours. The colour of the playing dresses will be checked by the referees prior to each game. If the referees consider that the clothing of two teams is likely to cause confusion, the team named second in the playing schedule shall change its clothing to ensure a good contrast, therefore both sets of shirts must include the exact same numbers!

Prior to each match a match report has to be filled in, signed by the responsible person of the team and given to the time keeper’s table.
The referee(s) is/are solely responsible for the correctness of the match result during and after the match.

Playing times, suspensions and team time out:
Playing time preliminary round, main round, intermediate round, semi finals and placement matches (including matches 3/4)
Men 35+
• in principle 2 x 10 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Men 42+
• in principle 2 x 10 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Men 50+
• in principle 2 x 10 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Women 30+
• in principle 2 x 10 minutes (no break)
• No team time out
• Suspension: 2 minutes

Playing time finals (all categories)
• 2 x 12 minutes (break 2 minutes)
• One team time out per halftime
• Suspension: 2 minutes

In case of a draw during the placement matches, semi finals and finals, the match will be decided by 7 meter throws immediately.

Each team participating at Masters Handball World Cup shall receive a certificate of participation.
The winner of each category will receive the cup and medal.
The teams ranked 1 – 3 of each category at the Masters Handball World Cup shall receive a cup and medal.
Each player of a team ranked 1st to 3th in the respective category shall receive a medal (gold for rank 1, silver for rank 2, bronze for rank 3.
Any changes of the Tournament Regulations will be announced at the accreditation.

The Tournament Accreditation will take place 10.05 2018 , from 08:00 to 19:00 at Multiusos Venue – central reception desk in Hotel Sagita Ruskamen.
The number of players to be put on the players’ list is max. 20 (+6 officials). It is obligatory that at least one official per team speaks English.
Only a player with an accreditation can be registered on the players’ list and consequently is eligible to participate in the matches.
A player is not allowed to be on the players’ list of two or more different teams.
In case of a missing health confirmation every player has to sign a Declaration (available at the accreditation desk).


Special award “Istok Puc” was established in our 2017 edition, as the way of giving honor to famous Croatian/Slovenian player, Olympic winner from 1996. His trophy was awarded to the MVP player of the tournament.

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